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Interview of a Copywriter: What to ask When Hiring a Copywriter

The content of your website is just as important as your branding. It is what helps to pull the website together and give you a voice. Copywriters are able to tell a story that aligns with your business’s brand and mission. If you aren’t quite sure how to give your brand its own voice, hiring a copywriter is an option worth considering. You need to make sure what you are saying draws your clients in and convinces them to work or purchase with you! A plus to working with a copywriter is that they know all about that good-ol’ SEO everyone is talking about. They should know what keywords to use to get more traffic to your website so you’re that much closer to making the first page of google! 

I’ve spent some time chatting with a copywriter, Brittany Gregory, to get a better idea of what you should ask a copywriter before making the plunge to work with them. Check out her answers in the interview below.

“What is the difference between a writer and a copywriter?”

A writer develops content without real consideration for SEO, whereas a copywriter considers not only the SEO, but also your audience, business goals, and branding voice. A copywriter studies your business and develops content that will not only appease you and your natural professional business tone but also relate this back to your ideal client. While many writers may be able to develop good copy that does the job of putting content on the page, if the writer does not carefully consider the SEO and audience the content they develop may do nothing more than sit as a place filler doing nothing to increase traffic or maintain your audience. What good is copy if no one is making it to the site to read it?


“Do you offer revisions?”

Every copywriter should offer up the opportunity to rewrite the piece so that it best portrays your voice and brand. It can be difficult to get this on the first try, so maybe ask for them to send you the first rough draft just to make sure it is keeping within your natural voice. This can also help prevent you from receiving a final draft that is the complete opposite of what your main goal for the project language is. 


“Have you written similar pieces to this?”

You want someone who is not brand new to the game. Ask to see samples of their work, even if they don’t have examples from previous clients, they should have samples of work they have done for the purpose of showcasing their abilities. Not receiving samples could be a sign that the individual is more of a writer than a copywriter. 


“How long have you been writing for the online space?”

You want someone who has experience creating content for the online space, and not someone who’s only writing experience has been college essays and their private journal. Ask for recommendations of others they have worked with, or ask to view their personal website and social media pages. 


“Do you have a certification in SEO and/or Google Adwords?”

Not all copywriters will have such certifications, this does not mean they are not good copywriters, as many are self-taught and keep a monitor on the regular updates to Google Adwords and the SEO algorithms. However, there are certificates that individuals can receive from courses geared to teaching the ins and outs of the systems. Having such a certification is a sign that the copywriter takes their research and learning seriously. 


“What is your research and learning style?” 

A copywriter will have a set system for how they research new topics, they will also likely have questionnaires for you in order to better get to know you and your business. Ask them about these, or pay attention to how much time they spend getting to know you and your business. A copywriter is often a good listener and will ask plenty of insightful questions.