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Do I really need an inclusive brand?

If you are considering a rebrand or creating a brand from scratch you have likely already thought about colors, or your logo. But have you thought about making sure your brand is inclusive? Do you really need an inclusive brand? My answer to that question is absolutely! Having a visual brand that is inclusive helps create a natural and authentic connection with your audience. This is crucial to make sure you are attracting the clients and customers you want to be working with. You know, those dream clients who share similar values and beliefs as you.

Not totally convinced that an inclusive brand will make a difference? Here are three reasons why you should make your visual brand inclusive.

1. People want to see themselves reflected in your business.

There’s no better way to do that than making sure your visual brand encompasses a variety of identities. Consider this — if a queer, black woman goes to your website, and only sees photos of white folks or straight couples — chances are they won’t feel connected to you or your business. So many companies miss the mark when trying to attract a diverse audience, because they don’t think about the impact of their visual brand. While revamping your visual brand might take a bit of time, making some changes to your stock photos is a great place to start to make your brand more inclusive. Check out my blog about inclusive stock photos here!

2. With an inclusive brand, potential clients and customers will know that you care about being inclusive.

One of the biggest ways you can let your values shine through is through your visual branding. You don’t want your potential clients and customers to have to do any deep digging to find out what you care about. If you want folks to know that inclusivity is important to you, it needs to be front and center. This will instantly signal to your audience that you are a welcoming place. As a result it will open the door for them to learn more about you and your business. At the end of the day, folks want to feel seen and cared about — especially when they don’t get that from the majority of society. If you didn’t think a company cared about you and your needs, would you want to spend your time and money working with them or buying their products? I know that I wouldn’t.

3. With an inclusive brand, folks can imagine themselves working with you.

When someone goes to your website, they’re probably wondering a bit about the clients you typically serve. It’s especially important for marginalized communities to know that you have worked with folks who have similar lived experiences as them. One way you can reflect your knowledge is through your visual brand. You can share that you care about people’s different lived experiences and values through who you feature in your testimonials, blogs, and podcasts. By showing that you’ve worked with people who aren’t always represented in our mainstream media and society, your audience will know that your doors are open in an inclusive way. 

Having an inclusive brand can make a big difference in making your business a more inclusive place. It can help foster deeper connections with your audience, as they will know you really care about making sure they are welcomed. This is key to ensuring you attract the right clients and customers, who share the same values as you. For more tips on using your values to have deeper connections with your audience, check out my facebook group. My group Built To Be Inclusive, is a safe space for feminist business owners. 

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