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Have your best year yet in 2019!

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I’m doing quite a few things to ensure that my 2019 is a successful year. Both for my business and personal life.

During 2018 I made huge strides in my business but I slacked in self-care (what is “time off”?) and family time. I’m determined to make things more balanced in 2019. You can take my tips and apply them directly to your life to make sure 2019 is one for the record books for you too!

Let me show you how!

Make Goals

Personally, I don’t like resolutions. I prefer to call them goals. Goals feel more like a journey and along that journey there are checkpoints. Just making a list of goals does not mean they will happen. I give myself action steps to accomplish them. (I know, nerd alert! ?)

This year I have goals for more self-care, more time for family and friends, and less screen time. When it comes to my business I want to make sure that I blog and post to social media more regularly, focus on building up my offerings for my clients, and network with all of you awesome #bossbabes!

Plan Ahead

Between friends, family, and your business, carving out time to plan for your business can seem nearly impossible. But just envision yourself having fun with friends or spending time with loved ones while your business is organized and not a source of major stress? It’s a nice vision, isn’t it?

There are so many tools out there to help you organize, finish tasks faster, and ultimately run your business smarter. I decided to take this approach with social media. Cloning myself came in at a close second.

I created a schedule for when I would be posting on the blog and social media channels like Instagram and Facebook. I would suggest this to every business owner! Giving your audience helpful tips on a regular basis is always a good thing!

Get Help When you need It

For 2019, I decided to continue my trend of investing in myself and my business. I started working with Ebony Green of Ebony L. Green Coaching to get clear a business plan, get some accountability, and amazing advice.

I know that business isn’t my strong suit. I love designing brand identities and creating websites for women that want to take their lives into their own hands by running their own business or becoming an entrepreneur. That’s why I reached out for help with all things business from Ebony. So I can continue to do the things I’m good at; making you look good!

Get the Right Tools for the Job

To keep everything organized with my goals, to-dos, meetings, and calls I’ve always relied on a combination of a Google Calendar, Trello, and a paper planner. The planner that I used last year was the Commit30 Planner. Which I absolutely loved, but found a few areas that I wanted to change.

So like the crafty woman that I am I headed out to Michaels, got a 6 ring binder (and a million other things I don’t really need) and got to work designing my planner.

This wasn’t my first time creating a planner so I knew just how to organize my thoughts. Every section is laid out exactly the way I need it. With habit trackers, to-do lists, goal pages, month in review, inspirational quotes and all that fun stuff. Check it out!

To have my best year yet in 2019 I will stick to my goals with my action steps, working with my business coach, and keeping my whole life organized in my planner. What will you be doing to make sure 2019 is your best year yet?

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