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End 2019 on a High Note

I can’t believe that 2019 is almost over! Give yourself some kudos for how well your business has done this past year! Even if you didn’t check off everything on your goal list, being a #BossBabe in itself is a huge accomplishment. So be proud of that and don’t forget it! Even though 2020 is quickly approaching, there’s still time to check things off your list to make sure 2020 is your business’s best year yet! ?

✅Review your branding! 

With the new year right around the corner, now is the perfect time to review your branding! Don’t forget that your brand should be easily distinguishable from your competitors with a consistent logo, color palette and font pairing. This is a key piece to making sure you succeed as an entrepreneur! Your brand should clearly convey the what, why, and how of your biz. If this sounds like your brand, great! Get that thing organized with a brandboard. I created a handy-dandy brand board template and checklist just for you here! I love the brand board because it helps you to see your entire brand everything organized neatly in one place. If you’re not feeling like your branding  is doing everything it should, it might be time for some branding tweaks or a complete overhaul in the coming year.

✅Wrap up those unfinished tasks!

The end of the year is a great motivator to wrap up those unfinished tasks. You’ll be able to start the new year fresh, with new goals to make your biz grow even more! Of course this can be tough, since the holidays are usually a busy time for everyone. I’m anxiously awaiting the holiday invites, crazy family dinners, and gift shopping! (Thank goodness for online shopping!) So you’re going to have to plan ahead! What do you absolutely have to have done by the end of the year? What are the things you would love to have done, but aren’t totally necessary? It could be a good idea (and investment) to think about outsourcing some of those smaller, less urgent tasks. Facebook is a great resource for finding people looking to help with that. If you aren’t having any luck on Facebook check out other social media channels like Instagram and Linkedin or check out your professional networks. When 2020 arrives, you will have so much more time to devote to diving into your new goals.

✅Update your website!

Updating your website is something that can easily sit on the back burner, especially when you are busy with other parts of your business (I know, I have been there before!) But, this is something that is super important if you want to improve your SEO and Google ranking. Spending time updating your images, sprinkling in testimonials, and writing regular blog posts can make such a difference for your business. It helps your consumers know you are actively engaged in your work and gives you the chance to show off how wonderful you are! So, take some time to celebrate you and your accomplishments from 2019 by writing a “year in review” blog. Post all of those nice things your clients have said about you that got lost in a folder! And if you don’t have testimonials, now is the perfect time to gather them.

✅Set goals for 2020!

Last but definitely not least- set your goals for 2020! Create an action plan. What do you want the coming year to look like for your business? Focus on new goals, but don’t be afraid to tackle the ones that might have been missed last year. I like to set general monthly goals. It helps me to stay organized, without having a 50-page long list of things to do before the year even starts! Think about what services you are going to promote. How do you plan to advertise and market yourself? It could be a good time to work with a business coach, take that course you’ve been eyeing for months, or overhaul your website and branding.

I hope everyone will see the end of 2019 as an opportunity instead of an ending. Don’t forget all you have achieved this year! But remember, you still have time left to finish what needs to be done and prepare for the new year!


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